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Custom Home Designs

Whether you're looking to have a brand new home custom designed for your family, or if you are planning to increase the livability of your existing home by adding on, Lasting Traditions can provide the professional and affordable service that your project requires. Call 541-420-3024 or visit the Contact Us page today for a free courtesy consultation.

Robb Kerley, Professional Designer

Lasting Traditions is owned and operated by Robb Kerley, a Residential Design Specialist based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Robb believes that while drawing plans requires expertise, having a home designed doesn't require an architectural firm, and home plans shouldn't cost as much as a new car. Our skillful process and transparent pricing ensure that from the initial consultation through to full construction documents, you'll receive quality service that's on schedule and matched to your budget.

A Sense of Taste and Style

The last century has seen many different styles and design philosophies. Your choice of what's right for you will be based on different factors, from the size and square footage of the home you're planning to the character of the area in which you'll build. This can and should be exciting! We will design for nearly any style from Foursquare to Farmhouse, and we specialize in the traditional Craftsman, Prairie, and Mid-Century homes that are so popular with today's family oriented communities.

Craftsman Style

The classic American Craftsman home, often called a "Bungalow", is a home known for warmth and livability. The style first emerged over a century ago as part of the Arts & Crafts movement and was made famous by designers like the Greene Brothers. These homes usually emphasize stonework and shingles with open porches and knee braces. Today this design is popular all over the country and is prevalent throughout Central Oregon.

Modern & Mid-Century

Modern is back in style. From mid-century and 'Eichler' urban styles, to 'rustic-modern' rural homes or even ultra-contemporary, Central Oregon communities and builders have embraced this design movement. While there are many different appearances, modern design done well is intended to be experienced as a whole and not just a street front, expressing intention with massing and material and color changes.

Northwest Contemporary

A newer style centered in the Pacific Northwest that takes is cues from lodges and cabins found all throughout the Cascade Mountains. These homes can be either tall and with large gable roofs like the Craftsman, or with low hipped roofs and long like a Prairie home, but always incorporate timber and stone elements and many large windows. Rarely small, this style fits in well in many golf course communities or on large properties.

Not Just New Homes- Designs for Remodels & Additions

Feeling squeezed in? Kitchen too small? Is it time to add that family room over the garage? Wanting a detached guest room or a shop? It's normal that as life moves on a family's requirements will change. If you don't want to move but your home is no longer serving your needs, then it may be the right time to change and expand. We can review your current situation with you, and with our knowledge of building code and structure requirements, design the perfect addition that looks like it was always there.