Remodels & Additions

Robb assisted with the remodel of our house. He conducted a site inspection, asked very detailed and constructive questions, and found a very creative solution for the unique characteristics of our home. With his assistance, we were able to complete the remodel without ANY issues (he addressed all real and potential issues during the initial interview and walk through before any construction was ever started) saving us thousands of dollars.”

-Homeowner, extensive renovation project

Not everyone wants or needs to build a new house. For many, remodeling and updating their existing home is what’s right for them. We have a long history in helping homeowners grow their home with them.

When you remodel and add on, the changes can be quite dramatic, bringing much needed space, functionality, and a new fresh look. They can also come with challenges. With careful planning, those challenges can be overcome and your new expansion should look like it was always there. See these real life projects.

He is an older single-story track home at the start of its renovation. Since the house was very small the owners needed to expand the living into the garage and build a new garage and front porch. Fortunately there was plenty of land.

small home before remodel


We designed for their requirements, including giving the house a whole new roof line. And here it is in the final finishing up stage. With brand new paint too. It looks like a new home.

home with new garage and designed look


Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to fit in the extra space that’s needed, especially when the property or structure of the home aren’t easy to work with. Here was a two-story home with different roof pitches and a very cramped living room. Furthermore it’s located on a sloped and rocky city lot. For a large house it didn’t have the openness the owners desired. There was hardly room to sit.

two-story home before design for expanded living room


But with the right design both the structural challenges were met and the freedom to move around was gained and integrated in a way that didn’t appear out of character for the home. Money was saved in the design by reusing the existing patio door. The fireplace was retained and relocated. And the upstairs windows didn’t have to be redone.

same home after expansion


Those are just a few examples to show that remodeling should be a positive experience. If you’re planning on renovating your home, we’d love to assist. Just fill out our contact form and let us know what you need. We’ll advise you on your best possible options.